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we look forward to organising you soon!

Yes, Organising Australia will not be touring this year as we are all too busy with other projects! Here's what we're up to.

Sarah and her staff are busy taming the clutter with Heavenly Order Organising services, as usual. Professional Organiser Training by Heavenly Order is experiencing enormous growth as people are recognising the need for order in their lives! This year Sarah is again spending time back in her UK homeland, with London a firm favourite on the list of venues for Training; she is speaking at various events across the globe!

Karen is very busy with A Little Elf, and is working on new programmes as well as having added Time Management Consulting to her offering.

DOROTHY is working hard in America and you can find her at

As always, if you'd like to have one or all of us speak at your function, please contact us here

Thank you once again for your support and for your eager emails and enquiries for this year. Please stay in tuned and keep in touch.